The best place to find others using koala is the koala sampler facebook group

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Every week there are flip challenges at the koalabeatcast Twitch channel – join the facebook group to keep updated with that – they usually happen on fridays and sundays pretty regularly.

There is also a discord channel here: – discord is sort of a cross between a chat program and a forum – you have to download the app to use it, but it’s a great place to ask questions and get answers quickly.

Koala has a subreddit on reddit:

We held a beat battle in early 2021, and made a tape out of all the entries, on bandcamp all proceeds go towards going to Give a Beat ( – a unique organization promoting social justice through electronic music – bandcamp link

If you are a charity or organization involved in teaching under-privileged children music, and would like some free copies of koala, please get in touch here.

If there are any other places that a koala community is growing, please get in touch so I can add it to this page!