I can’t use more than 2 fingers on my Poco/Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi phones have multitouch gestures switched on by default – I found the answer on reddit for how to disable and fix – pls see below:

“That can happen when gestures were enabled. If you’re serious with gaming don’t use full screen gestures and make sure you disable the 3-finger screenshot in settings or add the app via Game Turbo and automatically disable 3-finger gesture from there on specific apps. You can use MultiTouch by Defiant Technologies app for a more updated multitouch test just to make claims more relevant to the updated OS (optional). “

@ggezboye on https://www.reddit.com/r/PocoPhones/comments/kit6b7/poco_x3_multitouch_not_working_when_3_fingers_are/

How to fix, kindly explained by @Zhaza on the koala sampler discord:

Search your settings for 3 fingers:

Disable “Slide 3 fingers down”