How to update Koala

Please, whatever you do, DO NOT DELETE KOALA TO UPDATE. It will erase your songs. If you do that, there is nothing you can do to get your songs back unless you’ve made a backup.

To update koala, open your App Store (if on iOS) or Google Play Store (if on Android) and search for Koala Sampler, and go to Koala’s page in the App. If there’s an UPDATE button there, please press it! If not, it means you’re fully updated.

If you think you’re not fully updated but there’s no update button, here’s how to check.

In the on the koala page in the store app on your phone, there will be a version number of the latest version (e.g. 1.4049), remember what it is.

Now open koala and go to the menu, then SETTINGS, then EXTRAS. At the bottom there should be a version number. If it’s the same as the one you saw in the App Store, you’re updated. If not, reboot your phone and check again.

If it’s still the same after a reboot, ask yourself why you bought that android phone in the first place and didn’t just get a second hand iPhone that was cheaper and better. Then write me a message here and I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of it: