How to report a bug

Thank you for reading this! Occasionally bugs will occur in koala, I’m very, very sorry about this, but its almost impossible to write perfect code where no bugs occur whatsoever. I am perennially sorry for this.

The good thing is that bugs can be fixed! In order for them to be fixed though, they need to be WELL DEFINED!

e.g. “A Problem Well-Defined is a Problem Half Solved”

Therefore, if you have the time and energy, it would really, really help if you could help define the problems as much as possible. Here is a check-list.

1. Define your environment:

  • Operating system (and version) iOS 15.1? Android 9.0 etc etc. Is it a custom OS? (e.g. an android ROM?)
  • Device (iPad, iPhone X, Samsung S9 etc)
  • Are you using it with any hardware?
  • Do you have any third party software running that might be interfering with koala? (this mostly applies to android)
  • Koala version? You can find this on the settings > extras page in koala.
  • How much free storage do you have left?
  • Steps to reproduce the problem

2. Steps to reproduce

Really importantly, how can you reproduce the problem?

Can you make it happen every time, or just sometimes?

If you can make it happen every time, what’s the simplest set of steps *starting from a blank project* to recreate the problem.

3. Expected result vs Actual result

What did you expect to happen? What happened instead?

Did it crash?

Did you get an error message?

If you got an error message, what did it say? Can you provide a screenshot of that?

Please send bug reports via the contact form or here: