My MIDI Controller isn’t working with Koala

Bluetooth MIDI Controllers

If your device is Bluetooth, you need to make sure the device is paired with your device. On Android please follow the steps that come with your midi controller. If you’re on iOS you will also need to press the button “Bluetooth MIDI” in Koala’s midi settings and select your bluetooth device.

USB MIDI Controllers

Make sure the device is plugged in with the appropriate adaptor (please see here for more info).

First of all, lets double check to see if koala is receiving midi at all.

To do that, go to koala’s settings and choose the “MIDI” section. Press some pads or keys on your midi controller and see if any info appears at the bottom of the MIDI section about what the “Last note” was. See below for screenshot of what that’s supposed to look like. (You may have to scroll down to the bottom of the settings if your using a smaller screen)

If it says “Last Note: xxxx” then midi is working normally and I recommend watching this video to learn how to use koala with midi:

If it says “no midi notes so far” koala is not receiving midi. The next thing to try is a free app called “Protokol” – its on both iOS and Android. (and Windows and Mac and Linux)

Open that app, tick the “enabled” box and press a few buttons, and see if messages appear on the screen – its a bit daunting, but basically if your phone is connected correctly, you’ll see lots of writing scrolling when pressing buttons – it looks like this:

If loads of writing appears there, try rebooting without unplugging the midi controller and try koala again. If koala still doesn’t pick up midi but protokol is receiving midi get in touch with me here.

If there is no writing when you press buttons in Protokol there is a problem in either of 2 places

  1. You have a faulty cable – try some different USB cables – not all USB cables are the same, some only send power and aren’t able to send midi.
  2. You have a faulty midi controller, or it isn’t USB class-compliant (see here)