Can I make it so the next sequence plays after the current one is finished?

The reason the sequences change instantly is so you can switch rapidly between them mid-sequence, to make the music sound more interesting than just playing one loop after another. It’s definitely intentional – it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I agree, but it can lead to more interesting music. 

Instead of koala instananeously switching between sequences when you choose a different sequence, you can set the “SEQ SNAP” (short for sequence snap) to OFF, 1 BEAT, 1 BAR or SEQ END – these can be found by pressing the BPM area in koala.

  • OFF – just like the lovely classic instant sequence switching version koala has had since day 1
  • 1 BEAT – waits til the end of the beat to switch to your next selected sequence
  • 1 BAR – waits til the end of the bar
  • SEQ END – waits til the end of the sequence currently playing