I bought koala or samurai on my tablet, why isn’t it showing up on my phone?

First of all, double check you don’t already have samurai – what does the button between “CHOKE” and “TOOLS” say? (to access it, press any sample, then the EDIT button, then the right arrow until you see it). If it says SAMURAI – you don’t have samurai, if it says STRETCH, then you have samurai, please watch the tutorial for what samurai is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCU7gsvWNKk

If you already bought it and the button still says SAMURAI, (very occasionally happens on Android if you accidentally clear koala’s cache) just open the Samurai ad page by pressing the SAMURAI button, and press “ALREADY OWN?”- that should reinstate your purchase.

Sometimes the app store/google play store take a while to update their servers, so sometimes you might have to wait a couple of hours before your purchase is available on all your devices.

It is important for all your devices to be using the same apple or google account – if they’re using different accounts, it will only show up on your devices that are logged in with the account you bought it on.

If you STILL can’t get samurai working, please get in touch with me here: https://www.koalasampler.com/contact and make sure you have the receipt for samurai from the google play store ready.